Preventive and Regenerative medicine

Preventive and Regenerative Medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the bio-chemically unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance.


Many of the common symptoms and conditions associated with menopause are widely known and discussed, but there are many that are overlooked. In our practice, we have seen patients misdiagnosed with other illnesses that are actually the result of a decline in hormone levels. Our Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy(BHRT) program for women focuses on the unique needs of women who are suffering from the common as well as the less common symptoms of menopause. The Program includes bio identical hormone replacement including progesterone, estrogens and testosterone when clinically indicated combined with nutritional guidance, nutritional supplementation recommendations and an optional exercise component.

Diet therapy

Diet therapy is a method of eating prescribed by a doctor to improve health. A number of conditions are treated in part with therapeutic diets. Treatments involve including foods that improve specific health conditions, while avoiding foods that may make the condition worse. Some health conditions require temporary therapeutic diets. Other times a therapeutic diet may become a permanent change necessary to keep the person healthy. Medical doctors or dietitians normally formulate therapeutic diets. The diet may change over time based on the person’s response and improvement in health status.

Types of Therapeutic Diets:

A gluten-free diet is an example of a dietary change that you must maintain to remain healthy. People with a gluten intolerance must avoid gluten- containing foods to prevent damage to their intestines.
The diabetic diet is a very common therapeutic diet involving limiting high-sugar foods to help control blood sugar levels.
Anti inflammatory diet for chronic inflammatory disease.
Anti aging diets for age related requirements.
Weight loss diets for obesity and joint related pain.
Fitness and muscle training diets for persons who want to build muscle mass and atheletes.
Other therapeutic diets limit nutrients such as salt, to control blood pressure, or saturated fat, to manage cholesterol. These types of diets take some getting used to. Your physician will work with you to gradually make the changes necessary.

Therapeutic supplementation

At Life Alive, supplementation of vitamins, minerals and hormones are done using evidence for deficiency (lab tests), based on symptoms of deficiency with elaborate medical history and record keeping (Electronic health records). The goal of supplementation is to achieve therapeutic levels in the blood so that the person achieves actual results and alleviation of symptoms.

Our focus is to reduce inflammation in the body, especially for people prone or suffering from Chronic inflammatory diseases (obesity, diabetes, arthritis etc). Also to achieve good levels of Vit D3 and VitB12 in the blood along with Iron. We source our supplements from the best and standardized pharmacies to provide safe and consistent benefit for our clients.

Along with a professionally constructed diet and therapeutic supplementation it is possible to control most chronic diseases. The help of our expert doctors will make this journey easy for you.

Common problems that might need supplementation:

  1. Chronic inflammatory disease( diabetes, arthritis, obesity etc)
  2. Gastritis, acidity and gas
  3. Sleep disturbances
  4. Obesity and overweight
  5. Stress
  6. Depression, mood swings etc
  7. Memory issues
  8. Age related issues
  9. Thyroid problems
  10. Chronic Pain
  11. Exercise efficiency
  12. Weight loss
  13. General wellness

Electronic health records

This is advanced software used to keep meticulous records of clients so that the follow-ups are well coordinated, progress and compliance is tracked and measured for goal-oriented service. Preventive medicine is a lifelong commitment and EHR helps us be a step above in providing quality care for our clients.

Behavioral counselling

Most people develop a pattern/behavior for their lifestyle. These behaviors maybe due to work routine, cultural influence, community and family influence or low energy levels etc.

For eg:

  1. A person who is highly stressed (financial, emotional, work etc) may crave to eat high sugar and high fat content diet for comfort; they may not have much control on this behavior as it may be caused by hormonal imbalance (stress hormone).
  2. A woman during menopause may crave for sweets due to lack of estrogen. She may have issues with bones, weight, bloating and depression, which could change her behavior, leading to excess eating and or lethargy.
  3. Deficiencies in thyroid hormones, Vit D and Iron can cause unexplainable loss of energy making a person unable to get up from bed, and follow exercise.

These are just a few examples where behavioral changes can cause major health risks. Our doctors can analyze and counsel such persons to develop positive behavior in a regulated and scientific manner for long term and sustainable benefits.

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