Body contouring

Non Invasive Body contouring is a procedure that alters the shape of the human body using non surgical methods/technology. It includes procedures that tighten and shape loose skin , eliminate excess fat from various parts of the body like; arms, back, love handles, Stomach, sides, outer and inner thighs, calves, face and neck. Body contouring is usually effective in individuals with less than 29 BMI.
This is for suitable for individuals who are already in ideal weight but have specific problem areas, people who lost lot of weight but have loose skin and localized fat, people who have loose skin and remaining fat after liposuction and bariatric surgery, specific body image issues like bra- line folds, loose inner thighs, loose under arms etc.
At Life Alive clinic we use cutting edge, latest global technology (North American) which is US- FDA, Canadian FDA, and CE( European ) approved equipment to give our clients latest, safest and best solutions.

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