Exercise is a substantial component of achieving overall health and certainly weight loss. It can be therapeutic depending upon the type, frequency, and duration; however, it can be just as damaging to over exercise as it is to under exercise. Our Metabolic Rejuvenation Program incorporates resistance training, aerobic exercise, and flexibility/core work.

Resistance training enhances insulin receptor sensitivity and aids in glucose tolerance. This type of exercise is effective in long term weight management because it increases lean body mass (LBM) which increases basal metabolic rate and aid in the body's ability to utilize fat for fuel. It also helps maintain or increase bone mineral density and elevates growth hormone. Aerobic exercise has a multitude of cardiovascular benefits, aids in glucose tolerance and can improve insulin sensitivity. It also improves fatty acid utilization. We recommend burst training, which is 30 - 60 seconds of intense exercise to create an oxygen debt which in effect raises the BMR. Flexibility/Core Work helps to maintain strength acquired through resistance exercise, helps maintain functional range of motion of joints, balance, and stability. It also lowers cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) levels.

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