Weight gain beyond a person's 'ideal weight' can be due to many reasons. The most common is reduced basal metabolic rate with age; this is aggravated by environmental, psychological and physical stress. Poor life style, addictive habits, depression, anti-anxiety drugs, medications (like sulfonylurea's, b-blockers etc), unrestricted consumption of calories, certain disease (metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, thyroid disease etc) are some reasons for weight gain. Hormone imbalances are frequently involved with weight issues. Nutritional imbalance aggravated by fad diets will make you put on weight than lose it.

If one looks at all the above causes carefully weight gain/or obesity have a significant medical history, drug and psychological history to it and not merely a cosmetic problem. Therefore, weight loss has to be a doctor guided process and should not be regulated to some commercial enterprise or fad diet; Weight loss which is not medically supervised can lead to severe health problems and lead to significant nutritional imbalances, arrhythmias and dehydration. Doctor-managed program aims to drop the percentage of a person's body fat as low as possible, while maintaining muscle mass. Using a combination of low cal, nutrition dense balanced diet, safe medications, hormonal and nutritional supplements along with behaviour and life style counselling a healthy and sustainable weight loss program is achieved. This is the basis of medical weight loss program.

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