About Life Alive

I am Dr.Sunita Ravi, Life Alive clinic is a result of my passion and respect for the incredible resource of human life each one of us enjoy. My training in the medical profession has given me the knowledge and skills to think out of the box of conventional medicine, while we are busy treating disease we have no time or perspective for a holistic approach.

I started off with preventive dentistry, had extensive exposure to inflammatory and chronic disease of the oral cavity, dental and facial aesthetics and tissue engineering of oral cavity.

Further training in India and USA in Antiaging, Medical cosmetology ,Bio identical hormones and Stem cells have allowed me to expand my services to a broader spectrum of anti aging, aesthetics and preventive medicine.

I also wanted to bring in the best, safe and latest cutting edge technology to Chennai and not settling for obsolete and cheap devices. In this pursuit we have been pioneers in bringing the best technology in the global field( at par with the best In USA and Europe). The journey of past 6 years has helped us provide the best comprehensive solutions to our clients in the field of Age management, Weight Management, Aesthetics, Body contouring and Preventive medicine.

And finally I believe emotional and spiritual health is as significant as physical and mental health. There are no parameters to measure this but I try and bring perspective to these factors in my approach to my clients. My intention is to touch them in more significant ways than the most obvious way, in my attempt to give the best service.

Our Responsibility

Optimal health is about balance of emotions, behavior, hormones, physical performance and organ function. Generic solutions do not suffice when the problems are specific.

At Life Alive our commitment to spend time and thought to understand the client from all these aspects and then arrive at a realistic and sustainable solution. This involves a lot of commitment and focus from the provider and the client.

We strive to be pioneers in this kind of service, which is intangible in numbers but is the need of the hour to provide holistic health solutions to those who value themselves as much as we do.

Our clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

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